Fic offering, Auction for help_pakistan

If anyone still watches this fandom, I just wanted to let everybody know that [info]help_pakistan  is doing a LJ auction to help support the 20 million displaced people of Pakistan who have been affected by flooding.

The charities to which this auction will donate money are listed here. Bidding can be done here, with separate categories for things like fanfiction, art, beta work and music.

I've put up my own post for people to bid on. I'm offering a fic from either "Jumper" or "Supernatural," so I'd thought I'd advertise my post here and let everyone know about this wonderful auction. I'm fine with either gen or slash (David/Griffin), and I'll write something over 1000 words long to the winning bidder.

Even if you don't plan to bid or create something for the auction, please spread the word! Thanks.

(Mods, please feel free to remove this if inappropriate.)
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DVD Extras

Has anyone made like a youtube or w/e video of the extras? My DVD must be the regular edition becuase I don't have the Jumper Exposed thing...
Can anyone upload 'em please?
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"Jumper" RPG group - open casting call! :D

Okay, well, figured this was as good a time as any to mention it - the group's been up for at least a wee while, I suppose, even though we're just waiting and hoping for some more folks to join up....and I've an intro post all ready to go for it any case, but as I said, ye-es - naturally we'd quite like for others to join in too, that makes it much easier all around, I should think. :) So the group's address is: - and as the group home page indicates, the only taken character so far is David (mmmm, my darling David, believe you me I snatched him up right quick.... *mischevious giggle*) - and made-up characters of any variety are also very much welcome, and.... Well, heck, I'm sure that there simply *must* be more folks out there who'd be keen and eager enough for some "Jumper" RP'ing....heck, high time indeed, I'm surely thinking. :D So certainly then, ye-es - the more the merrier in this group by fa - and we'll have ever-so-much fun too! :D